Who Are We

Hardcastle Construction Inc. is a National level general contractor licensed in all 48 continental United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. HCI began with three individuals in 1998. Our company has grown to more than 100 staff members and over 10,000 sub-contractors at present and still growing. Each member brings a unique set of talents that overlap, compliment and add strength to the others.

Hardcastle Construction Inc. has many years of experience working with multiple unit conversions, acquisitions, expansions, market development upgrades and new unit growth for freestanding and tenant improvement projects.

Our services include the ability to manage a project from inception to completion, including any combination of services our customers need to ensure the construction puzzle is complete and cost effective.

Statement of Intent

Hardcastle Construction’s intent is to fully serve our client’s needs from “A to Z”, and to streamline the typical owner / architect / contractor / supplier-operations scenario into a completed puzzle where each part compliments the others. It is our goal to be a full service extension of our customers’ real estate and development departments.

As a Design / Build General Contractor, we will work directly with the customer to meet their needs and achieve their goals by providing the management services that will facilitate the design, permit and building process to get the project completed as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Bill Hardcastle,
President Hardcastle Construction, Inc.